Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Hot Status

Top 30 Best Hot Whatsapp Status

Hot Status
Hot Status

In This Post, I am Share Best Hot Status For Love, Romantic, Attitude, Sadness. I Am Collected Many Types Status For You.

"The one who burns with me… just walk from the side .."

“A bottle of wine is grabbed…. The idea is to forget you… .. ”

"The one with the broken house, I keep the Taj Mahal in my heart, I keep the matter deep but the Alphas simple."

"If someone makes an effort to get something ... then you will definitely get it one day."

"Seeing you, makes my heart feel, eyes got dreams."

"Itna na sataya kar ke raat bhar na so transl hum, Subah ko surkh ankhon ka sabab pochte hain log."

"Lakhs of lamps in your street ..? But the light will only come from us. "

"Main Cheese Original, You Are Forged Note… More Than Your Body, My DP Is Hot."

"Aqal badam khane se nahi thokar khane se aati hai."

"Zindagi Rude Hai Toh Kya Hua… Hum Bhi Toh Dude Hai…"

"What fun to live in… until there is fire in the enemy's chest .."
"Apni yaadon se kaho ek din ki chutti de mujhe… Ishq ke hisse mein itwaar to hona chahiye .."

"Humans don't just burn with fire, some people burn at our style."

"Listen, I am not as crazy as you think, and you cannot think as I am ..."

“I am afraid of committing the crime, I am afraid of poison drink medicine. We are not afraid of the enemy's enemy, we are afraid of friends being angry. "

"When the status starts getting copied, then you are making progress."

"Never trust the girl's Hansi and the dog's Khamosi."

"Some people used to call me their own .. Frankly they used to say only .."

"Attitude is from childhood when born, I didn't talk to anyone for a year and a half."
"Some people are so insolent that as much as they want to send them to hell, they come back."

"Some relationships don't make a profit, but they do make rich ones."

"it's your heart out any minister's resignation letter, I am asking for it from a long time but you are not giving.."

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